Working Hand-in-Hand for Long-term Success

With constant innovation and the emergence of new technologies, competing to attract top IT professionals has never been more challenging. Our close relationships with the technology workforce, internal research, analytics, and our knowledge of the IT talent market, enable us to provide a crafted solution to each individual client.  Our partners view us as advisors that look out for their long term success.

Our expertise and consultative approach often expose areas in our client’s current hiring methods that aren’t conducive to hiring top talent. 

We are committed to working side-by-side with our clients to find, develop, and retain the best possible candidates. Some of the initial steps we take include:

  • Gather skill-set requirements with hiring managers and team leaders, while also evaluating the environment to ensure our candidates fit into the company's culture
  • Provide insight into local and non-local national wages for any given skill-set to ensure that the requirements align with the talent market rates and salary
  • Gauge business, team, and performance goals to ensure that we find people whose values coincide with our client’s
  • When needed, define new skill set requirements that keep pace with the market
  • Develop talent pipelines and strategies to ensure future needs are met
  • Streamline information such as career growth opportunities, company benefits, incentives, and any other selling points that may attract and retain the top IT talent

Our customized approach gives us clear visibility to screen the best fit for your culture. After this extensive screening process, which is tailored to each individual client, we then move forward with the interview/offer/onboarding process. We observe the interview’s, immediately gather feedback, and make sure our clients make the right decisions quickly so they can either start interviewing again, change the requirements, or hire that person. We move quickly and never drag our feet.

We screen people, not resumes.  

With the emergence of recruiting websites and professional networking, most organizations have forgotten that we are still hiring people, not resumes!  

We have close relationships with our candidates and know where they are interviewing, to better compare how the salary, culture and roles/responsibilities differ between different positions. We do not “shop” our candidates to multiple companies.  If they are interviewing elsewhere, it is not through Fortitude.  


We build for success.

We do much more than provide people. We provide the knowledge and experience to facilitate a dynamic culture.

We know tech.

We enable clients to boost production, build their business, deliver services and win projects.

We look for Win-Win-Win.

We match the right person with the right company. Not a skill set to a job description. The client wins. The employee wins. We win.


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