Redefining the Way Companies View Hiring

Fortitude was built around one idea: to help businesses develop productive “locker rooms.” We believe that the most successful companies are forged from employees that work together with camaraderie, believe in the shared business goals, and see each other’s importance in the overall mission.

Fortitude’s founders came from a Top 5 firm that fed off of high turnover clients – a business model that relied on more openings and more placements to boost revenue. With the demand for tech talent ever increasing, the traditional “body shop” model is profitable in the short term, but produces a never-ending, detrimental cycle.


How to Retain Top Talent

Many CEOs and executives believe that in order to retain top talent, the company has to offer high salaries, but in reality the reason why most people chose to stay or leave a company is not based off of his or her salary. After consulting for over 200 clients in their previous jobs, the founders learned what most companies have overlooked: culture is the heartbeat of every company. A disjointed culture will produce turnover, poor results, and revenue losses, while a coherent culture produces results, drives profits, and retains top talent.

In 2007, the founders saw all of this as an opportunity to revolutionize the hiring and on-boarding processes within the tech industry. Both are former collegiate athletes and have been leaders and captains on their sports teams at every level. This “locker room” mindset has given them a more consultative approach towards helping companies figure out how to drive profits by cultivating culture and retaining the company’s top talent. At first glance, one might think that this would result in fewer placements for Fortitude, but in reality it has, and continues, to produce long-standing partnerships with clients that exclusively turn to Fortitude for staffing and executive placement services.  

Welcome to the Locker Room

Within its first decade, Fortitude helped several hundred clients attract, obtain and (most importantly) retain the tech industry’s top talent by educating companies on how to create a dynamic and profitable culture.

“We embrace change with enthusiasm and love solving complex, meaningful problems. We continuously invest in ourselves — work environment, benefits, colleagues, emerging technologies and training tools —  so that we are best prepared for change. We believe we are exceptional at our craft, and we will continue to set the bar high for current and future colleagues.”


Disrupting the Market through Intelligent Hiring

Fortitude was started in an apartment with a cell phone and a dream.  The founders knew there was a need for a boutique quality consulting firm that did more than just provide “bodies” or “resumes.”  Clients needed help and Fortitude was the answer. They loved our approach and referred us to everyone they knew. The dream was simple: get to the root of our clients problems and then fix them. 

Getting to the Root of the Problem

Fortitude discovered that most of the time companies were looking at turnover from only one perspective; there was an issue lying within the employee that was leaving. Fortitude goes deeper and helps provide solutions to all of the questions employers should be asking themselves when it comes to turnover: Do their employees enjoy their working environment? Are they hiring the right people or are they hiring a resume or a skill set? Do they expect their employees to integrate themselves? How do they encourage a fostering culture? Do their leaders create a collaborative learning environment?  

What Makes Us Different

Fortitude drives efficiency. When it comes to identifying and retaining top tech talent, the major differences between successful companies and struggling companies, big or small, are their processes for interviewing, hiring, and onboarding their employees. Fortitude teaches companies how to interview potential hires more efficiently, make offers that make sense, and welcome these new employees to the team in a way that attracts and keeps the top talent.

Results that Speak for Themselves

The results of our services have been outstanding. Ten years in business and with over 1,000 clients, we’ve become an invaluable asset to hiring success. This industry isn’t about finding a company that can “screen the right candidate,” but more so about finding the right people, interviewing properly and efficiently, and welcoming new team members into a stable, productive “locker room” where employees want to stay. With four locations currently and three more projected in the next 3 years, Fortitude grows because of our clients’ success.


We build for success.

We do much more than provide people. We provide the knowledge and experience to facilitate a dynamic culture.

We know tech.

We enable clients to boost production, build their business, deliver services and win projects.

We look for Win-Win-Win.

We match the right person with the right company. Not a skill set to a job description. The client wins. The employee wins. We win.


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