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"We have used Fortitude Systems as our exclusive recruiter for several years.  They have always been responsive, professional and easy to work with.  They have been able to find a wide variety of matching skills and senior levels of expertise in the areas we require.  I would highly recommend them to anyone doing business in the federal contracting arena."

-Government Contractor


“Our interaction with Fortitude Systems has been nothing less than outstanding.  Their professionalism and responsiveness are first class.  They’re the rare recruiting firm that actually focuses on meeting your needs – they deliver quality instead of quantity.  My program’s success is directly attributable to the outstanding people on my team – and for that, I thank Fortitude Systems.”   

-Defense Contractor


“Fortitude Systems has been a great staffing resource for [our] IT service desk contracts.  The Fortitude team provides high quality candidates that not only temp with us but become our employees on a long term basis.  About 98% of the candidates that we have hired through Fortitude in the past three years are still with us. Our Account Executive as well as the Fortitude accounting team are very responsive to our requests and have become very familiar with our needs, which expedites the hiring process. Fortitude’s timekeeping system and invoicing process are accurate and timely. We do not hesitate to recommend Fortitude Systems as a reliable staffing company.”

-Government Contractor


“After trying several different companies for staffing our technical support team without success, we were introduced to Fortitude Systems.  With their expertise, we’ve been able to successfully and quickly hire for numerous positions for over 6 years.  Many of the team members hired through Fortitude have been successful in our company and are now senior and key members of the team.”

-Telecom Company


“We do our best to ensure our culture remains consistent when adding new members to our team.  Due to the complexity of the work performed by our Managed Services Team, we often prefer to hire a clean slate rather than a seasoned veteran.  This allows us to extensively train our employees from the ground up, our way, and only require passion and intelligence rather than certification or education.  To that end, we rely on Fortitude to bring us well vetted, enthusiastic, and loyal candidates that are hungry to learn and grow their set of skills.  We have had immense success working with Fortitude, and the majority of our hires through the agency are still with us several years later and represent the pinnacle of our culture. 

-Managed Hosting Company


“Fortitude Systems did so much more for us than was required or expected. They supported our needs and requests through the entire interview process. Any minor problem or issue that has arisen, they did everything in their power to make right. Not only did they find the perfect candidates for us but their expertise and advice saved us a significant amount of time and money.”

-Energy Company


“I have worked with over a dozen recruiting firms since I became a technical manager back in 1997.  I started working with Fortitude in 2010, and since 2011 I have not worked with another firm.  Their onsite employees have great relationships with Fortitude’s rep and they are also fiercely loyal to their clients.”

-Hospitality Company


“My experience with Fortitude Systems has been unlike any other.  It’s not just the level of technical prowess their candidates have, but how their Account Executive works with me and my team.  They don’t just ask for a skill set, but they want to know about what our company can offer its employees, my team’s culture and where I see my employees in 5-10 years.”

-Professional Services Firm


“I have worked with multiple staffing firms, and now I solely work with Fortitude.  It’s not only because they have brought us high caliber, talented individuals; but primarily on the fact that they helped us completely overhaul how we hired, mentored and on boarded our employees.  Since working with Fortitude, my only real turnover is when my employees are promoted internally and have moved up within our company.” 

-Software Company


We build for success.

We do much more than provide people. We provide the knowledge and experience to facilitate a dynamic culture.

We know tech.

We enable clients to boost production, build their business, deliver services and win projects.

We look for Win-Win-Win.

We match the right person with the right company. Not a skill set to a job description. The client wins. The employee wins. We win.


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