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Fortitude is a consulting company with locations currently in Washington DC, Chicago IL, Dallas TX, Denver CO, Atlanta GA, Raleigh NC and soon to be Boston MA. Our specialization is within the technology field (ex. Software Engineering / Information Technology). Our clients span across a breadth of industries including, but not limited to: Finance, Healthcare, Energy, Media, Logistics and many more. Although we specialize within technology, a technical background is NOT needed because of our in-depth training programs and focus in personnel development. We are driven by our client relationships, and provide them with industry leading solutions under the umbrella of systems integration, process development, and technical augmentation.

We are a dynamic company that continues to identify highly-talented individuals for our relationship consulting teams, operations teams, or marketing teams. Our company is always looking for intelligent, personable, and team-oriented individuals to add to our growing nucleus. We are actively seeking future partners that are looking to make an immediate impact on our growth. Our culture is comprised of close-knit relationships, mentoring, training, and team camaraderie. Leadership positions are incentivized to ensure not only their growth, but the growth of every employee.

What We Look For

At Fortitude, you will be more than just a number and we require more than just good grades. Our goal is to inspire business to change the way they grow their business. Your success is dependent more on your talent and ingenuity than on the focus of your degree. People with a background in many subjects—business, philosophy, marketing, engineering, history—thrive at Fortitude. We do, however, seek certain common traits.

Creating Your Own Path

In our client work there are many unknowns. We look for people who can see a path through the unknown. Can you draw insight from ambiguity? Can you create solutions? As we get to know you, we will look for the observation, judgment, and decisiveness that characterizes a path finder.


Curiosity is the starting point of a paradigm shift. We seek people who care enough about a client's problem to understand it, and who care enough about performance to improve it. Do you see patterns in the challenges faced by businesses that you have observed, worked in, or launched? Do you wonder why one competitor in a “mature” industry thrives while others fail? Curiosity is the common spark igniting Fortitude’s client impact.


A path is useless unless you can lead others to it. Can you persuade with facts and with empathy? Can you bring traffic to the road less traveled? At Fortitude, we see teams as a means, not only to solve problems, but to lead. Here leadership is not tied to hierarchy or experience. Your voice and ideas are valued regardless of your tenure. The leader you become is your reward for arguing and implementing your ideas.

The end of curiosity, path finding, and leadership is impact. Can you demonstrate the results of a direction or cause that you have championed? Do you have huge ambitions about what you and a team of committed people can do to positively change an organization? We seek these opportunities in our work with the world's most important companies.

Our firm is recognized for its innovation, insight, and expertise. Our culture is defined by our training curriculum, unrivaled demand to be the best, and rapid advancement. Do you have what it takes to start your career at a company that consistently ranks as the leader in its field, as well as one of the best places to work?

Dedicated Training, In-House

Most successful companies share the common belief that to become the industry leader, there must be a solid understanding of the company’s founding principles coupled with a clear and unified vision on where the company is headed. What is the purest way to create this mentality within a company’s leadership team? It’s a simple answer: organic growth! Growing organically is the most efficient way to achieve this goal, however, it certainly isn’t the easiest. Yes, it could be “easier” to hire experienced personnel, since they may require less ramp-up time, but if you want to ensure that your managers and leaders are instilling the same messages and principles, then you need to train them from the ground up.

Most companies employ a “sink or swim” approach to their training process, which makes it a numbers or volume game. It basically consists of something along these lines: “If we put enough people in certain roles, then we don’t need great training because some people will figure it out (swim) and the others will leave (sink).” A small percentage of companies put their new employees through the comprehensive “training program” that Fortitude believes is at the core of its success.

At Fortitude, we subscribe to the philosophy that your training never stops. We believe that you don’t just train your employees for what they are doing now, but should constantly prepare them for where they will be next week, next month, or next year. Our mentorship program not only demands that our employees continue to sharpen and teach their current skills, but challenges them to develop skills that they will utilize during their next promotion.

We Treat You Right

Yes we work hard, but we play hard too – with a dedicated employee pool that plans regular group outings for golf, kayaking, paintball, BBQs, professional sporting events, brewery outings, etc. We have generous incentive trips, along with office trips throughout each year.

Our Values:

  • Never Stop Learning - We embrace change and use technology as a tool to make lives better.
  • Trust in the Process - If you do things the right way, then it isn’t “if” the results come, but "when."
  • Find the Win/Win - We want to build business partnerships that last forever.
  • Leave It Better Than You Found It Make your team better than it was without you.

We work hard every day so that our customers and consultants can focus on getting their jobs done, without the added stress of building out their company.


Establishing Initial Contact

Once you’ve applied to an opening, you will be contacted by someone on our recruiting team. They will be your guide and friend throughout the interview and on-boarding process. Ask them anything and they will give you an honest answer — hiring a cultural misfit is a lose-lose situation for everyone and we want to avoid it as much as you do.

The Interview Process

Our interview process starts with a phone interview. This call will be conversational and relaxed. Expect it to last about 20-30 minutes, unless you need more time to ask questions. We want to go over your prior experience, leadership background, and decision-making ability.

The Follow Up

If the phone interview went well, we will call you in for an onsite interview or a follow-up Skype interview. If a Skype interview is conducted and goes well, we would invite you onsite to one of our locations, expense free.


Wellness Initiatives

Internal team members are the most valuable asset of our company, so it pays to invest in health and well-being. Wellness programs that boost the physical, mental, and emotional health of employees are growing in popularity across the country. However, many companies struggle to get these programs off the ground. We have recently incorporated an hour and forty five minutes for lunch, so that each first year employee has an opportunity to be active in the middle of the workday. We have a corporate gym membership with Xsport Fitness, which is conveniently located near each of our offices.

Formal Mentoring Program

On-the-job mentoring is a significant part of our work environment. Each new employee is assigned a mentor who helps him or her acclimate to the business world and/or real world if you are right out of college. This encourages a collaborative culture among all departments. Fortitude’s mentorship program is one of our most complimented programs by current team members.


We define our success by our employees. Our focus has always been on acquiring top talent and making sure they have the adequate resources to grow within their career and personal life.

Opportunities to Advance

Each employee in our company has the opportunity to open a new office, run a department, head a division, and even become a VP. Yes, we understand that not every employee will get to those levels, but the opportunity is there for the taking. Those who deserve promotions will receive them immediately when ready. We have nothing holding us back and we only promote from within.

Extended Beyond

Many of our top clients and other companies have engaged with us to learn more about our best practices and how to apply them to their organizational change strategies. We recognize that we’re operating in the same unpredictable and constantly changing environment that many businesses are faced with, so we’ve developed a number of strategies and best practices to help organizations of all sizes create a culture where their employees and operations can thrive.

  • Open office environment and open door policy with the executive team
  • Cell phone (when in sales)
  • $350 per month car allotment (when in sales)
  • Regular out of office activities
  • Free living in our corporate apartments (employees relocating and traveling)
  • Unlimited expense accounts regarding company growth, both internally and externally
  • Medical, dental, and vision insurance (United Healthcare)
  • PTO
  • 401k
  • Private Stock Plans
  • Commission and bonus structures


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